Safe Driving Tips for Commercial Truckers

The American economy relies heavily on the 18-wheelers that roar across the country and the people who drive them. Keeping these rigs moving reliably is demanding work, and it can also be quite dangerous. To minimize the risk of auto collisions, it is important that commercial truck drivers keep safety in mind at all times. Here are a few key safety tips for truckers:

Get Plenty of Rest

Driving long distances can be fatiguing on the brain and eyes, so it is important to rest as needed. Never try to fight off weariness; this can lead to lapses in alertness more than you may realize. Pull over and take a nap if your eyes get heavy, and be sure to get enough sleep each night before driving. Avoiding an auto accident is worth the extra time spent resting.

Maintain Safe Distances

Everybody knows that trucks need a bit more stopping distance than the average passenger car, but many drivers on America’s highways seem to ignore that fact. To make up for the carelessness of some commuters and road trippers, commercial truck drivers need to be particularly vigilant.

Scan the Road Often

Trucks have significant blind spots, so it is important to anticipate passing vehicles. Also, drivers must be aware of hazards on the road ahead. When driving, be aware of the road ahead—both immediately and as far as you can see—and check your mirrors every 10 seconds or so.

Make Use of Lights and Signals

Just as important as seeing the other vehicles on the road is ensuring that they see you. Of course people will see an enormous truck in the middle of the day, but at night you will need to make sure your truck is well lit. Also, make sure that other drivers are aware of your movements by utilizing your indicators. When pulled over for repairs, make sure you use lights or reflectors to let other drivers know to give you a wide berth.

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Ladder Safety

Many industries make use of extension ladders, which can be hazardous if not handled properly. To avoid a fall or a workplace injury, it is best to pay close attention to safety standards and use any resources available to minimize risk.

The Ladder Safety app from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is a versatile tool for workers who regularly utilize ladders. The interactive app can be used to ensure ladders are set at safe angles, and features checklists and references that will help you stay safe.

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Understanding Child Custody

Child custody is a difficult concern that comes up in many divorce cases. Parents experience a great deal of stress during a divorce, and children often feel even worse. Keeping family relationships intact during these hard times is a challenge as you try to balance what is best for everyone involved.

When parents separate from one another, the needs of the children must be seen to. A major part of this is determining who will have custody of the children, and to what extent. Depending on the circumstances of the divorce and the family relationship that preceded it, custody may be split up in a variety of ways. Sometimes parents will share equal custody, and other times only one parent will have sole custody. Other options include split custody wherein one parent has more limited access to the children. The needs of the children are often considered in court when custody is disputed, and the children themselves may voice their preferences at times.

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Important Facts About Slips and Falls

Each year, slip-and-fall injuries account for around 1 million hospital visits. These accidents occur in many different settings and on a variety of surfaces. It is important to know the many risks of slips and falls, which can have significant legal and health-related consequences. If you suffer a slip-and-fall injury due to the negligence of another party, you are entitled to compensation that will allow you to recover properly. Read on to learn some facts about slips and falls.

Slip and Fall Hazards

Certain surfaces and situations create increased risks for slips and falls. Be especially careful if you are walking on or near uneven surfaces, stairs, crowds, ramps, and doorways. Icy surfaces are an additional risk in the winter months. If you notice that an area seems particularly dangerous, notify the owner of the property. If they fail to address safety concerns, they could be sued in the event of an accident.

Slip and Fall Injuries

When a person experiences a slip-and-fall accident, they may suffer a variety of injuries. Many people try to catch themselves as they fall, breaking hands and arms in the process. Older adults frequently experience broken hips as a result of slips and falls. In severe cases, such as slips on ice or falls down stairs, victims may suffer injuries to the brain or spinal cord. These injuries have a terrible impact on people’s lives, and recovery can be long and expensive.

Slip and Fall Statistics

Of all slip-and-fall injuries, hip fractures are the most serious. They lead to more health complications than any other type of injury, and can lead to wrongful death. According to the CDC, approximately 22,900 older adults died as a result of fall injuries in 2011. Falls also lead to many workplace injuries, with 85% of worker’s compensation claims linked to falls on slippery surfaces.

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What is Money Laundering?

Criminals who manage to build up a significant income that they don’t want noticed by the government need to find a way to use and store the money in a way that looks perfectly legal from the outside. This is called money laundering.

This video explains a few common approaches to money laundering. One way to launder money is by setting up a business with the primary purpose of hiding the source of illegal income. Another common method involves gambling at table games in casinos.

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